How is Asbestos Disposed of Once Removed from a Home Furnace or Siding?

By on May 9, 2013 in Asbestos Removal

How is asbestos disposed of once Removed

I’d been looking at investing in a property by having an octopus air conditioner ( AKA gravity furnace) and also the vent plumbing were white-colored and made regarding asbestos fiber. I used to be explained to some sort of  HAZMAT group might need to also come in and take away the mesothelioma, yet I am inquisitive in regards to what they do while using asbestos fiber insured water lines if they are done. I’d been also told that when the particular pipe joints aren’t ruined or peeling it is flawlessly secure this means you will stop in the property.

First the contractor seals the area with plastic, then uses a HEPA filter to create a negative pressure situation. This keeps the airborne fibers in the area. They are soaked with a soap solution to keep them as intact as possible, then they are scraped clean. The asbestos is placed in plastic garbage bags, which are tightly sealed. This bag is placed inside another bag, which is also tightly sealed. When the job is complete, the bags are taken to special landfills and disposed of carefully.

Leaving the asbestos pipewrap in place is dangerous. All it takes is a good bump to release fibers into the air. I wouldn’t expose myself or my children to this. Abatement is pricey, but how much is your life worth? Have it taken care of, it’s the right thing to do.

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