Asbestos Removal Will Get You Back On Track

November 1st, 2016 by admin

Asbestos removal will get you back on track

Many Chicago renovation projects get halted because contractors accidentally discover asbestos materials, very often only asbestos removal

project is the only way to go.

Asbestos is a liability and a deal breaker waiting to happen not only when you’re buying or selling a house, but also when you’re renovating.

Majority of projects we perform are due to the fact that asbestos is in the way of future renovation/repairs. With median age of the Chicago home

being 52 years old puts it in the heydays of the asbestos usage, it is very common that contractors who discover suspicious and potentially

asbestos containing materials during the initial estimation/appraisal renovation activities refuse to work until these materials get properly

removed or abated.

1st All Around have performed numerous asbestos abatement projects and inspections in cases where either roofers, plumbers, electricians,

insulators, HVAC installers, floor covering contractors or even carpet installers have refused to perform the work due to the potential presence

of asbestos containing materials.

Even as an asbestos licensed inspector, I can’t tell you whether the suspicious building material contains asbestos just by looking at it.

Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) require proper asbestos sampling procedure of suspicious

building materials to be sampled tested by a NVLAP and an AIHA accredited laboratory.

Cost of single material asbestos inspection starts at $100 and goes higher depending on the extent and the size of the inspected property. If our

inspection will find any asbestos materials, we will provide you with the proposal to abate the discovered materials. If you choose to proceed

with 1st All Around for the asbestos removal project we will waive all of the asbestos inspection costs.

If your project or renovation encountered an asbestos roadblock contact 1st All Around to have the suspicious materials tested and analyzed by a

licensed professional. Call us now 773-986-8725 for more info: chicagoasbestos removal

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